In 2010 Shane Sanderson felt the call to go to Santa Cruz Del Quiché, Guatemala to reach kids not only with the good news of Jesus Christ but also to provide a home and refuge for the fatherless. The vision of Child Rescue is to care for the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of children in a more stable, long-term environment. Casa de Mi Padre meets the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of kids who otherwise might be living on the streets or worse.


Bill and Marci Hoover have been in Zambia since 2002. They arrived there with the intention of teaching HIV education and prevention, but God has called them to many other ministries during their time in Zambia. They are involved in Nephews Deaf Ministry, Outreach & Discipleship, and Learning Libraries. Christian World Outreach helps people in developing countries by ministering to their emotional, spiritual, physical, and educational needs. They have 2 grown sons named Kye and Aden.

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Justin and Amy Culp have been in South Sudan since 2011 working on church planting and discipleship. They have been working with Pioneers to start reaching the millions of unreached people in Southern Sudan with the gospel. Their goal is to disciple local believers to be strong leaders in their local churches and to start reaching the rest of their own tribes and fellow Sudanese people. Justin and Amy have two sons, Ezekiel and Caleb.